KKC®  is function, ergonomics and aesthetics all in a single rifle stock. Behind every KKC is advanced technology, excellent craftsmanship, passion and enthusiasm.


KKC® weighs from approx. 0,95 Kg, depending on which action it is milled for. In other words, a gun stock with superior grip and possibilities for adjustments, within a weight and shape, which allows several forms of use. KKC® is used by gratified hunters, competitive game target shooters and long range shooters. See under ”Weapons & systems” for more detailed information about weight for the various systems.

New rifle or new stock?

KKC® can be purchased ready mounted on some new rifles. You can also mount KKC on your old rifles, and they become like new! See under ”Weapons & systems” for more information about the various systems.


The inletting is milled with high precision, but we recommend that a qualified person mount the stock with a plastic bedding to ensure highest possible precision.

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