Design & function

KKC is function, ergonomics and aesthetics all in a single rifle stock. Behind every KKC is advanced technology, excellent craftsmanship, passion and enthusiasm.


You have never experienced any like it! The broad wedge shaped forend has many advantages. You gain a good grip regardless of where on the forend you choose to hold. The forend sits steady and comfortable in your hand and you hold back the recoil tilt easier. The shape of the forend also gives you a good grip in the balanced position while carrying the rifle by one hand. Can be adjusted to fit you and your scope.


The pistol grip is designed so that you have a natural and relaxed angle in your wrist while sitting on post or stalking. You are alert and ready without being “tired in your hand”. The design of the pistol grip allows you to quickly achieve a correct and good grip.  A quick, correct and comfortable grip leaves a precise shot.


KKC is made of laminated birch. KKC® is delivered in black or brown. The features of the laminate together with the design, makes KKC® a very strong and stabile gun stock.


KKC is treated with linseed based oil and has a pleasant surface which can be maintained. KKC® Stock Oil is available for thorough maintenance. We recommend light maintenance with KKC® Multi oil.

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