The history behind KKC

Every KKC is a combination of advanced technology, excellent craftsmanship, and last but not least, the pride, dedication and devotion from the man who designed it.

KKC is the result of Kjetil Kverndokk’s college dissertation project from The Institute of Industrial Design at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design in Norway, from January 1998.

KKC was ranked as the top task and one of the best through the school’s history. In 1999, KKC received honourable mention in The Norwegian Design Council’s Young Talent Competition.

After having received numerous requests to manufacture and market his product, Kverndokk decided to initiate commercial production of his rifle stock in the Spring of 2003. Two years later, in 2005, the first stocks were ready for delivery. Sales have increased in line with good feedback from highly satisfied customers.

The entrepreneurial process has not been painless, but Kverndokk have been able to turn the challenges and exploit to positive development of the product.

The first years he sanded, stained and mounted the stocks himself. Today an advanced line of production is established inhouse in Kverndokks native city Ålesund in Norway but he is still personally involved in the production.

I now see big opportunities to develop the concept of KKC and to create new ones, says Kverndokk, suggesting the fact that he has several new design ideas.

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